Cult of Rammellzee

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>>The Cult of RAMM:ΣLL:ZΣΣ carry out ritualz to highlight the alchemic power of Hip Hop. Futuristic subcultural forms such as wildstyle graffiti, breakdancing, sampling and scratch-mixing all emerged out of the dystopian ruin of the South Bronx and feature in the Cults rituals. Hip Hop phrases are broken down and chanted, pointing to an obsessional affiliation with branded sportswear (“My Adidas!, My Air Jordanz!”). Adidas becomes the remixed god ‘Zi-Dada’ and Robert Moses — master architect of the Cross Bronx Expressway (The road partly responsible for the dystopian backdrop of 1970’s South Bronx where Hip Hop began) — becomes the god ‘Mozizizm’.

>>The Cult perform express-praying, ghost breaking and break-spraying;~ forms of breakdancing and devotional body movements that hint at the original form of breakdancing combined with elements such as spray painting in a ritual expressive form on off-cut kitchen lino (A surface reconfigured for head-spinning in the 1980’s).

>>Ceremonial robes are printed with camouflage made from documentation of past ritualz, embedding a mise-en-abîme aesthetic loop of self-affirming street styles. Old audio tapes, referencing the boom-box and mix-tape that relayed Hip Hop scratch mix DJ's onto the street, are utilised in ceremonial gestures of divination.

>>All these elements are also echoed in the outfits and objects of the Cult. Discarded branded trainers are cut up (the soles removed) and used as talismans, futuristic shinguards and bulky sports padding are reconfigured into post-apocalyptic cult armour — reverberations of the exoskeletal samurai suits of the RAMM:ΣLL:ZΣΣ.

>> RAMM:ΣLL:ZΣΣ is considered by the Cult to be an unrivalled futuristic force in the initial explosion of Hip Hop culture, channeling an abstracted multi-faceted vision that has yet to be matched. From the fragmented teachings and documentation that exist, the Cult draws on his exo-dimensional ‘wildstyle’ entrenched theories, energy and aesthetic to infuse and galvanize a further phase of galactic letter liberation. Through ritual expression, cultists act as a new breed of ‘lexical agents shaping reality’.

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