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The Cult offer workshops that cover all aspects of ritual activity in order to reach the ultimate state of Cult Frenzy >> The Major Nazal

>> Cult workshops are designed to lead towards creating a ritual performance for large groups of willing vessels ~

>> Cult workshops cover the following -

>> Sound

<Learning core Cult mantra chanting for use in rituals and soundscape building through jam sessions>

>> Movement

<Learning movement to be used in ritual activities such as Express-praying and Ghost-breaking which includes core breakdancing skills such as the Rubble Trauma uprock and The Trainer Tut>

>> Outfit/Character Creation

<Building exo-skeletal armour to wear in the ritual and developing your Cult character>

>> Installation/Totem/Talisman construction

<Building devotional environment to perform ritual in and learning to create sculptural devotional objects to perform with>

>> Letter production

<Learning to produce Cult insignia, through abstract graffiti letter design and marking with stencil design>

>> Make With The Freak Freak

Email: cultiplication [ at ]

Artwork: The Grand Voodoo Cultiplicator